Times Table Test

OK, let's test you on the 2 times table.

Select the order of the test: standard (1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) or jumbled.  You must be able to complete the test in jumbled order to succeed in class.

Standard Order Jumbled Order

Select the type of test: easy, fair, or tough.  If you want to complete all of your times tables in seven minutes, you must be able to finish them all at the tough level in jumbled order.

Easy Fair Tough

When you click the START TEST button, you will be presented with the times table.  Enter the correct number in the box (no need to use your mouse, the box will be ready for you to type into).

When you have entered the correct number, it will turn green and the next box will be revealed, so you can answer the next line.

Complete the entire times table before the bomb reaches the bottom and explodes!